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Hello! You can call me Rebecca, Becs, Reeba, really anything but Becky will do.

I’m a recent Zoom University Class of 2020 graduate at The University of Texas at Austin where I got a degree in Advertising through the Texas Creative Portfolio Sequence, and a certificate in Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship.

I’ve spent my time working at places like GSD&M and Kammok and studying under professionals at IBM and Gensler. A large part of my career is dedicated towards an initiative that I co-founded with my colleagues to fight against colorism. Currently, I’m a Design Strategy Intern at Smart Design. 

I’m passionate about tackling problems centered at the intersection of brands and society and do so through research, design, creative storytelling, and social change. I hope to help businesses expand in the future by integrating their work to impact people, communities, and the planet positively. 

For a more official document, here’s my resume.

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Awards & Mentions



Texas Global 2x Photo Contest Finalist

The Moody College of Communications Feature

The Daily Texan Feature

Black Talk Radio Network
Ghana Broadcast Corporation

President’s Award for Global Learning