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Maya Shaddock

My Role
Art Director
Background + Challenge
Nadamoo was founded in 2004 as a family owned ice-cream shop made from coconut milk. We wanted to position Nadamoo beyond just a diary alternative that is seen as less than ice-cream. Instead we wanted to make Nadamoo a fun, welcoming brand that invites people who can’t have ice-cream to have something better. We targeted ice-cream lovers that were disheartened by how dairy tarnished their ice cream experience.

Tag:  Dairy-Free, Drama-Free

For too long, cows have been poisoning the ice cream supply. But with Nadamoo, you get the experience you’ve been desiring, without the so-called “necessary evils” of dairy. Our coconuts are driving the vilest breed out of the frozen desserts aisle, one carton at a time.

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