Save Comic Sans

How can we reframe one of the most hated fonts to be useful and have a positive narrative?

My Role: Art Director, Copywriter


Comic Sans can be underrated and is often the punchline to jokes. In terms of my own testimony, I have witnessed first-hand Mr. Comic Sans’s exploitation. I reminisce over the days in primary school computer lab where everybody loved Comic Sans. Was it because we were limited in the choices of fonts offered in Microsoft? Sure, but it was arguably everybody’s favorite font to use out of the defaults. I saw its use ranging anywhere from childrens’ hospitals to cafeteria posters to formal emails. What was once love and appreciation for Mr. Comic Sans quickly morphed into a deep hatred as I entered my middle school years. The tragedy.

The Idea

I decided to illustrate the breath of Comic Sans as a font in two forms: a visual typographic book and written manifesto.