The Color Complex

How can we mitigate the negative effects of colorism to increase self-worth in university students on a global scale?

My Role: Co-Founder, Researcher, Strategy Director, Creative Director, Art Exhibition Director
With: Christina Cho, Timia Bethea, Vida Nwadiei


Colorism is a serious mental health concern that affects 2/3 of thee world’s population. One of the most common manifestations of colorism is skin bleaching, which is a 8.9 billion dollar industry. Another form is through double-eyelid surgery, a popular manifestation of colorism in Asian communities where girls as young as 13 will fly out to pay thousands of dollars to enlarge their eyes. 

The Idea

Through 4 phases, we decided to implement a self-initiated 2-year research, entrepreneurial, and social impact project by partnering with the University of Ghana and the University of Texas at Austin to conduct qualitative research in both environments and run social campaigns from that research.

We were funded $25k by the President’s Award for Global Learning to do this project.


Our has been project has been recognized internationally on Ghana national television, American public radio, and awarded a TEDxUTAustin Talk in Spring 2020.