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The Museum of Color

How can we begin to have a conversation about colorism, something so complicated, so personal, so intangible with a target audience that varied so widely in awareness of and proximity to the issue?

Duration 2.5 Months

Henry Youtt, Kiana Fernandez, Madison Cooper, Chelsea Daniel

My Role:
Exhibition Group Director, Design Manager


The Color Complex, a student-run initiative with the mission of raising awareness of colorism. Awarded the President’s Award for Global Learning, these four spent the summer in Ghana, conducted over 80 in-depth interviews at UT and Ghana, and returned to Texas with a bounty of qualitative research and an uncertain challenge ahead of them. They were looking for a way to provide a less academic, more familiar avenue for understanding colorism and identifying its presence in our own lives.

The Idea

The Museum of Color is a community-driven, interactive art exhibition. Here you will find a collection of sculpture, sound, and otherwise mundane objects that each speak to an individual’s history with colorism, bringing the abstraction to an arresting physical form. Placed alongside each other, these diverse stories spoke to the issue’s dimensionality and stood true to the state of colorism where we are in Austin.


300+ Opening Night Attendees
1.6k+ Interests on Facebook
150+ Interactive Sculpture Collaborations
600+ Attendees Total
52+ Student Organizations Engaged