How can we make a brand relevant in pop culture by tapping into current trends?

With: Harumi Rangel

My Role: Art Director, Strategy


Twinkies is a classic American snack cake known for its iconic bright yellow sponge-like exterior and creamy filling. They momentarily caused nation-wide panic when they claimed bankruptcy in 2012, but resurged amidst the massive uproar on social media demanding for their beloved snack to come back. However, since then, the excitement and press that put Twinkies in the spotlight has died down.

The Idea

In order to foster buzz and become part of the conversation once again, Twinkies will capitalize on what made them world-famous in the first place: their near-death experience back in 2012. How? By spreading a conspiracy theory to “Learn the Truth”. We’ve created a narrative tying Twinkies with the government by linking the timeline of the NASA Mars Rover Mission with Twinkie’s company history.


Purple Twinkies Released
Feburary 20, 2020
First, Twinkies will catch people’s attention using a PR stunt. 100,000 seemingly ordinary packaged Twinkies will be colored purple without people’s knowledge. After garnering questions and demands through social media, Hostess brands will remain silent. This will build up tension, as people will wonder why the company hasn’t bothered to explain.


Twitter Feud + Learn the Truth Website 
March 5, 2020
After two weeks, Hostess Brands will tweet a fishy excuse that will kick off the content of the campaign. Twinkies will partner with Ancient Aliens Host Giorgio Tsoukalos, who will instigate the conspiracy theory, which is that the government has been silently paying off aliens with Twinkies using the Mars rover missions as cover-ups.

︎ Learn the Truth Website


Twinkies Spoof Video + Hostess Social Media
March 10, 2020
After some banter, Hostess will concede and “play along” with Giorgio Tsoukalo’s conspiracy theory. A spoof video of Hostess Twinkies CEO coming clean will be released, as well as photos referencing past missions.


Twinkie Website
March 18, 2020
Then, Hostess will create a Twinkies website to foster public interaction, where they will continue to play along with the conspiracy theory by integrating parts of the story. This will include a countdown and merchandise webpage, that would be framed to help fund Twinkie’s next space mission.


Twinkie Delivery
March 18, 2020
As for the big finale of this campaign, Twinkies will be sending 10,000 Twinkie boxes to NASA on April Fool’s Day to prepare for the launch of the Mars rover 2020 mission.